Devils Lake produces several species of fish:  Walleye, Northern Pike, White Bass & Perch

Best Methods for Catching Fish:

  • Pitching crank baits and jigs along the shoreline
  • Vertical jigging and slip-bobbering in the trees
  • Pulling Lindy-rigs or bottom bouncers and spinners off of points or flooded roads
  • Trolling cranks along the old shorelines or weedlines

There are many different methods that can be used to catch fish on Devils Lake.

Ice-out is typically mid-April and the weather is the biggest factor in

determining the bite after the ice is out.  Some years we hit the pre-spawn just

right and the bite is tremendous for big fish.  Other years we seem to miss it

and the bite can be hit or miss.  Usually, around mid to late May, we see the

water temperature increase and the shallow water bite begins.  It is some of the best fishing of the season for trophy fish, and there are many days when you catch huge fish.  We continue to fish shallow and follow the fish deeper and deeper as the summer progresses.  By mid to late July we will be fishing both shallow and deep.  Fish can be consistently caught in all depths during the month of July.   If you come in late July, right through September, the bite traditionally moves deeper and we seem to stay deep until fall, when the fish move back to shallow water again.

The only rule we have with fish is, "there are no rules."  What we mean by this is that fish are usually where they are supposed to be, but every now and then they will throw us a curve ball and we need to adjust.  We are not afraid to try new ideas and mix things up when fish aren't where they are supposed to be.  We have a team of guides that communicate on the water and let each other know how the bite is going.  This is a big advantage to our clients and we feel that our TEAM approach to fishing has really been productive and helpful over the years.  We realize that this is your vacation and we pride ourselves on putting fish in the boat and working as hard as we can to accommodate all of your fishing needs.  We hope to see you on the water!

The following items are included in your fishing package:

  • Fishing rods
  • Tackle
  • Bait
  • Life jacket
  • Fish cleaning and packaging
What to Bring:
  • North Dakota Fishing License (can be purchased at Eastbay Campground or in Devils Lake or click here to purchase a license online)
  • Lunch
  • Rain Gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Food/Drink

About Devils Lake North Dakota