ND Paddling

You see the tourism pics of ND; Badlands, bison, cowboys, walleye and perch fishing, waterfowl hunting, vast expanses of prairie. But most of you probably haven't heard yet, that the vast flatland drops off into an almost magical ecosystem of hills, gorges, cliffs, forests, wildlife, and the United States longest single state contained river system.

The Sheyenne River

Flowing from Central ND, west of Harvey, ND, east past the towns of Tolna, Pekin, and McVille. Then drooping South through Valley City, and Lisbon. Then through the Sand Hills of the Sheyenne National Grasslands near Kindred. Turning North, running through Horace, West Fargo, and finally after running 591 miles through North Dakota, it merges with the Red River of the North just north of Harwood. It is an amazing virtually untapped adventurous playground for paddlers.

Kayak Adventures on the Sheyenne River

Sheyenne River Adventure Trips

Want to explore the cliffs and banks of the river searching for bison skulls and other fossilized creatures? There are many being exposed right now after being preserved for hundreds and sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.  Starting to show themselves in the banks.

Get that pic of a Bald Eagle swooping from a tree, or a 100 year old snapping turtle laying her eggs, or any countless number of photo opps that the Sheyenne River offers up to you and your camera are all right here. It is an amateur or professional photographers dream adventure.

Just take a lazy float day down the river with family and friends. Soaking up the sun and enjoying the day while enjoying the day while enjoying your favorite snacks and beverages.

Endless fishing opportunities! The Sheyenne is home to Northern Pike, Perch, huge Walleye, Small Mouth, Catfish and many other species of fish. 31 in total. There have been 45" Pike and 14 lb Walleye reported to have been caught in the river. Bring your Pole a small tackle box full of jig heads, plastics, and spoons. That's usually all it takes and let us try to put you in some hot areas to increase your chances of a great catch!

Multi day trips. We can outfit you with everything it takes to get your Scout troop, Church group, or just a group or just a group of family and friends down the river for a 1 night to 3 night trip down the river, with or without a guide. Let us know your needs and we will get you set up.

Kayak Fishing and Lake Trips

You have probably seen the latest craze in fishing, Kayak fishing. It is the fastest growing subsect in the fishing tourism industry. It really does live up to the Hype! Latching into even a marginal pike while on the open water in a kayak is an awesome undertaking as the fish pulls you and your kayak around the water, and just when you think you are ready to land the fish, it takes a run right under your kayak! Now you have to make a split second decisions and stay upright while bringing the fish back to the boat. It truly is an adrenaline rush! Also we can get you back into that timber where conventional boats and means can't go and where the walleyes are lurking. We set you up with the latest electronics and watch the screen as the walleye takes the bait.

Most of our open water kayak fishing is done in The World Famous Devils Lake Basin and the surrounding lakes. The area is known for it Huge Pike, Jumbo Perch, and Lunker Walleyes.