Things You Will Need To Bring

1. Water shoes. (Not loose fitting slip on sandals. Good fitting drawstring or lace up shoes. These will be wet and muddy.)

2. Rain gear. (A poncho will do, but a full rain suit is recommended.)

3. Your favorite snacks and beverages. (Alcohol is not prohibited for those of legal age, but we strongly recommended you use responsibly.)

4. Good sun screen and insect repellant.

5. Dry bag or container for your personal items such as phone, camera and other items that can be damaged by water.  (These bags can be purchased at Walmart, Scheels, or most any sporting goods store.

6. If you are fishing, your favorite pole, and a small pocket tackle box filled with plenty of your favorite lures. (We recommend jig heads, plastics, spoons, bobber, weights, jhooks.)

7. For multi day. PACK LIGHT! 1 change of clothes will suffice. A multi tool or knife. A sweatshirt, jacket, or windbreaker.

8.  Swimwear. (There are a lot of places to get wet and have fun!

9.  Personal hygiene items. Personal roll of toilet paper or wet wipes. Biodegradable soap, washcloth, towel.

10. Small travel first aid kit if traveling without a guide.

11. A great attitude and a fun mindset!!! It is a blast!

No littering, no harming of animals or mother natures beauty will be tolerated.

Keep the lakes and rivers beautiful for the guests after you to enjoy.

Thank You

​Guided Sheyenne River Trip Or Devils Lake Trip

Includes: boats, paddles, PFDs and Guide.

1-4 Person------------8 Hours----------------$400

Kayaking Rates and Packages